Under the motto „Time to party,“ the Graz-born Austrian Brassband Buena Banda has been evolving for more than a decade between different genres and musical styles.
From the tradition of New Orleans, through the folk music of their homeland, to the Grooves of today’s hits, Buena Banda does not want to define itself in one style.
„Multi-culti“ from its origins to the present. 

Its members from Austria, Italy and Croatia are always ready to integrate lyrics and music from their origins. From Billie Eilish „Bad guy“ Cover, to a ballad „Baba“ by Bilderbuch, or the rhythmic madness of „Bucovina“ to absurd Performances like „Junky Blues“ or Limbo Live Competition: „We want to surprise our audiences! We never leave them quiet!“
After huge evolutions during this long period Buena Banda never tires of evolving musically.

At the gates of the first Ep release in 2023 „Time to Party,“ Buena Banda prepares an explosive schedule for future concerts and festivals throughout Europe.



Nicolo Loro Ravenni – Tenor Saxophone/Voice 

Marko Solman – Trumpet

Dominic Pessl – Trumpet

Sascha Krobath – Trombone 

Florian Bauer – Bariton Saxophone 

Thomas Stabler – Drum 

Georg Laller – Sousaphone